Princess of Arendal

This princess is spunky and outgoing. Whether traversing snowy mountain peaks in her winter traveling cloak or exploring the town in her summery sunflower dress, this princess is always up for an adventure. ​

Snow White

Hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow, Snow White always wears a smile on her rosy red lips! Snow White is kind, generous, and a lover of creatures big and small. Have her at your next event for a magical time. 

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is spirited and curious. She is sure to make a splash, whether perched atop a bench in her  mystifying mermaid tail or mixing and mingling in her beautiful ballgown!


Rapunzel is creative and energetic. She loves singing and playing games. Children love her long, beautiful braid, adorned with colorful wildflowers! Rapunzel is sure to make your next event the adventure of a life time!

Character Gallery

The Snow Queen

​Regal and elegant, the Snow Queen has magical powers over the ice and snow.  Her beautiful, blue ice dress is a frosty favorite, but she melts hearts in her festive summer ensemble, too. Whatever the weather, the Snow Queen is always a show stopper!​

Sleeping Beauty

Awaken your sense of fun with Sleeping Beauty! Sleeping Beauty loves singing and dancing. But, more than anything, she loves making new friends. With Sleeping Beauty, your next event is sure to be a dream come true!


Generous and kind, Cinderella loves music, mice, and royal balls. Cinderella's story has been a favorite for generations. Invite this classic princess to your next event...just don't keep her past midnight!

Special Requests

We can--and do--accommodate special requests for characters not currently in our character gallery. Please call or email us with your character requests, and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

*Please note that  special request characters will incur an additional fee. 

Petite Princess

Sometimes, the best gifts come in small packages! Always kind, caring, and creative, Petite Princess reminds us that true royalty comes from within. She would love to make her royal debut at your event.